After a few sessions I started to feel active, clean and clear headed. I felt easiness in my core and things started flowing smoothly in my body. I slept so well and fell into deep sleep. The pain in my shoulders and neck went away.

Thank you, R.


I am a 47 yr old man and I am diabetic. My blood sugar rate is 126 and I have been using medication for the past 5 yrs. I did 4 sessions with Mrs. Nadia. The first 2 sessions I did not see any changes but on the 3rd session, my BL reading dropped slightly. On the 4th round I saw a big drop in my blood sugar rate to 95.4 which led me to stop taking my medication with the Dr’s approval and my Blood sugar rate is with in normal range. I would highly recommend this natural form of treatment to everyone and to give it a try.

Thank you, Fadel


My son 7 yrs of age was complaining of back problems, and I took him to a chiropractitioner to see what could be done to help with his aches. He took a few sessions but the pain always came back. It took one session (4 visits) by long distance. The pain was gone and has not come back again. I want to thank you for introducing me to this energy.

Thank you, Elham


I had a stiff and sore neck, and could not move it in any direction. Usually I would take medication to help me with the pain but this time I decided to try a natural alternative approach.

From the first session:

  • My hands and feet became warm
  • I could move my neck more comfortably
  • I was numb at a certain moment.

After the first session, the pain was remarkably reduced. After the 3rd session my neck was 100 % healed, there was no more pain and I could easily move it without any difficulty. I felt peace during my therapy sessions After completing the 4 day sessions, I did not feel any pain and I had energy for the coming 10 -15 days. I gratefully thank you for introducing me to this type of healing and would recommend it to everyone.

Thank you, Elias