Thank you for visiting my page and taking time to learn about what I do. I am passionate about maintaining good health and well-being for myself, my family, and my friends. My goal is to identify the root cause of common health problems and prescribe changes in diet and lifestyle to address these problems. From my experience, healthy eating and exercise combined with bioenergy treatments can heal 80% of common ailments. Rather than reaching for a “magic pill” that often only temporarily relieves symptoms, I aim to heal your body on the deepest level, teaching you to cherish and respect it. A healthy human experience is, after all, a blessed gift to have.

Is it difficult? No, but it may take you out of your comfort zone initially. I will help you make the commitment you need to take charge of your own health. You will feel empowered, stronger and so good that you will choose to never go back to your bad habits. By implementing small changes, you can free yourself from a range of painful or uncomfortable symptoms and reach a place where you ought to be: feeling good, energetic, light, focused and with better skin and digestion.

I sincerely wish you a healing journey with lasting effects.

Nadia Hajjar Kawash