Healing with Bioenergy is PRECISE, highly STRUCTURED and unique in its SIMPLICITY.

A handful of simple, yet powerful, techniques focuses on step-by-step protocols that address the specific disease or problem; hence, the information contained in these protocols, coherent, all-knowing energy, helps reactivate the immune system to operate at its best. Bioenergy healing is for everybody, has no negative side effects, is very precise and leads to profound changes physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

While receiving a bioenergy treatment, it is recommended you refrain from receiving other holistic therapies until completion of your treatment. It is advisable to free yourself from as many commitments as possible while undergoing treatment. Strong reactions during therapy are possible, even common, and can interfere with everyday activities. It can be detrimental to the therapy to rush away or if you are not totally committed to the therapeutic process.

All treatments are conducted in person or at a distance. You may notice instant results, where your symptoms never return, or you may begin to observe more subtle changes that shift over time once the natural flow of energy is restored, thus your health is regained as the body is able to heal itself.

Bioenergy is used to address serious disease or illness, such as cancer, heart disease, high/low blood pressure, MS, rheumatoid disease, thyroid problems, allergies, diabetes, migraines, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, hair loss, liver problems, gangrene and any other illness known to humanity.

The treatments are powerful, with obvious results. Most people feel improvement after the very first session.