What does a treatment involve?


A treatment consists of 4 consecutive days that make up 1 session. The treatment lasts anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes pending on the client’s situation. It is highly recommended that the sessions take place at the same time every day.

Since bioenergy is the transmitting of healthy information at a vibratory plane, each treatment reinforces and cements this new information of health at a cellular level creating the habit (memory) of healing, instead of illness. Each day of therapy the immune system is boosted. Receiving Bioenergy will continue to help the body for the coming weeks.

During the session it is normal but not necessary for the patients to experience symptoms of their condition. If a crisis were to develop, it would appear on the 3rd day of treatment. This is a good sign that the energy is working and is trying to fix the problem. The client will report feeling much better the following day.

The most important point to be kept in mind is if the patient experiences a symptom of the condition, healing has begun.

After the 4 days are over, the energy will continue to work in their system for ten days. After ten days the client has the choice of coming back to further their treatment pending on how they feel.