Cleanse Testimonials

Become inspired by the results and experiences of Nadia’s clients….

I have been on practically every diet and detox program under the sun since my teenage years and they’ve all had their ups and downs – None have been easy and some not even efficient.

Nadia’s 3 week cleanse was not only the most beneficial program I have gone through but so delicious and easy that I have integrated her recipes into our everyday eating habits and adopted her many tips for a healthier life style.

I was a fan of intermittent fasting, but realized my body worked better (and lost the extra weight) if I ate every 3-4 hours as she suggested. I added healthy fats (my skin is still thanking her for that) and nutritious carbs (which filled me up) and now with the knowledge she shared I can make my own recipes and choose ingredients which like in her cleanse make me feel and look better.

The two hours of digital detox before bedtime and the extra care I took of “me” with suggested massages, meditation and gentle workouts made me realize that I don’t need to go to a spa to feel re-energized.

Everyone should incorporate this 3week cleanse into their life and I promise you’ll want to do more of it once you reap the benefits at the end of it.

I needed my time with you today! I wanted you to see it for yourself. I’ve never felt this good since I was 18 years old..

I lost 5kg since the morning of Monday, Feb 25th. This fact alone says a lot about my bad eating habits. I have stuck to the menu as close as I could, I’ve almost had every meal at home except for the two days I was traveling. I’m dreading the transition back.

The pain that has been in my knee for 18 months is gone. The skin on my face has never looked better. I wake up in the morning with an incredible amount of energy. I don’t get headaches, not even without my coffee. In three weeks, I only had two green teas. I have no dark circles around my eyes. I eliminate every day.

You have been instrumental throughout this process. So thoughtful, supportive and incredibly encouraging. I can’t get over it. You’re very special Nadia, you should know that and people shouldn’t take you for granted.

Nadia you are the best! My husband, you have to hear his compliments of you, he says you are better than any spa in the world, that what you do is completely transformative. Thank you, this really does beat any system I have tried in the past and believe me I’ve tried EVERYTHING!