What can you expect from your Health History Consultation?

  1. Upon receiving the form, you need to fill out with as much details as possible.
  2. Attach whatever recent blood tests ( max 3 months ) you have and send them back to me.
  3. I will review them and will schedule an appointment via Zoom. The initial consult will last anywhere up to 90 minutes. This gives me            ample time to go over it with you and explain my findings of your dysbiosis or what goals and concerns you may have.
  4. If  we decide that we are a good match  and we would like to work with one another, then I will send you the contact to sign.
  5. If further testing is required then we will discuss it and we will select the appropriate ones.

What to expect after signing the agreement and beginning your program

  • Once all documents and payments are out of the way, the program begins and you are committed to the program for 3 months. We meet every 2 weeks for a 50 min session. This is where we go over the program. I educate you and hold you accountable until our next session by creating goals that are set by you, that will help motivate you to stick with the program and implement the necessary diet and lifestyle changes that we both come to agree that are necessary for you to obtain optimum health.
  • I do provide email support between sessions. I promise  to respond  within a 24h our window.
  • I give you my personal time and commitment to help obtain better health and success. This is a partnership between myself and you. You are very much involved in this healing process.

My ultimate mission is to help people feel good about themselves. Much of the time, it is realizing that discomfort and pain are not a part of our aging and that there are things that can be done to prevent these symptoms. I attempt to help my clients bring back energy, zest for life and joy- which I truly believe everyone is deserving of.

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