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I met Nadia as the amazing coach she is when I was at a point in my life where I was struggling with a hormone imbalance issue and was at the verge of being not able to digest anything of what I eat!

Her gentle and humane approach in coaching helped me understand food as a concept to adopt for life. I was guided through a process of 6 months which helped me gain my confidence around what healthy food means and knowing what food is good for me personally. Seeing Nadia was my new year resolution of committing to taking care of myself and making peace with food for life. Nadia not only made it possible but worth every minute of this wonderful journey.

Thank you Nadia. You are a great health coach.

Abeer AlMefleh – Bahrain

Working with Nadia over the past six months has been an enlightening experience to say the least. Not only has she taught me how to heal from the inside out through a specific diet geared towards my IBD, but she has also taught me that nutrition is only one part of achieving a balanced ‘circle of life.’ Nadia has coached me through identifying and overcoming personal stressors as well as creating balance and joy in my everyday life. I’d highly recommend the opportunity to work with Nadia to anyone waiting to improve their quality of life through knowledge and healing. TA

Thank you so much for your excellent coaching! I have been able to move through today and look at the upcoming weeks with a much better outlook.

Marty – Colorado

I wanted to say a special thank you for helping & guiding my daughter, on her health journey. It hasn’t been easy for her and I know there will always be challenges ahead but I’m so thrilled to see the changes she’s made and the enthusiasm she has for her health and diet. Knowing she had you to support her in this learning process was very important to me and I can’t thank you enough Nadia. Actually she’s inspired both myself and her sister and her baby nephew to be more aware and food conscious.

Thank you for the positive influence you have had on my family with your professional manner, your knowledgeable background, dedication and positive and encouraging personality

Anonymous – Bahrain

Nadia helped me make small but positive changes in my eating habits and lifestyle. She has a gentle and motivational coaching style and was a pleasure working with her.

Ameera – Bahrain

I am very happy to continue working with you as I saw the benefits. I felt my eating habits became better. I even got hooked to exercise and that makes me want to proceed. Thanks to you, you have put me on the right rack.

Zeinab- Bahrian

I want to thank you for your precious time and tips. You are so bright and full of knowledge. Your wisdom and generous person make my sessions with you amazing!!!

I am learning a lot from you.

Mireya – Austin

The best coach I could ever have. A very kind, intelligent, compassionate and hard working woman. The structure and accountability that you have given me, has made me a different person while following this path.

M.Lanz – California