Bioenergy Testimonials

Become inspired by the results and experiences of Nadia’s clients…

I experienced enormous benefit from it not only for my cancer but also for a longstanding neck issue and cancer operation musculoskeletal side effects, all of which have improved dramatically since working with you.  Prior to seeing you I was seeing a physio once a week for around two years for my neck problems and I have not had to see him since your treatment!

June - London

I just wanted to update you on my situation. I went and saw my endocrinologist and he was very assuring. He did not want to do any scans yet; he did a physical test, he thinks the tumors shrunk a little and said to come back in 3 months. I felt good about that.

I want to let you know that I really appreciate you, I am so grateful to have you in my life.

Z.U- Miami

I was suffering from a reoccurring eye infection. I had a sty that would not go away and a bump was leftover from the infection and sat on my eyelid and was very annoying. I could not put eyeliner because it would create a bump. Nadia told me about bioenergy and I said I would give it a try because I was planning on operating on it. I did one session before the summer and when I came back from the summer and saw Nadia it was completely gone and I was healed. I did not need an operation and I was thrilled.

R.K- Bahrain

I am 63 yrs. of age and a retired dancer. I suffer from osteoarthritis in my right hip. I have been suffering for a very long time with this pain and have tried different modalities to help with the pain. I came to Nadia, and every day I could feel that the pain would increase and then decrease. I felt there was a shift in energy and something was going on. On the fourth day of treatment, my pain dropped from an 8 to a 3. I was very impressed and very grateful.

Andrew- London

I came to Nadia because I had a red pimple – remains of a Sty on my eye that was very painful. I did the bioenergy treatment. Nothing happened the first 4 days. On the 10th day, the pimple turned red hot and a white head developed inside. The next day I woke up and the pimple burst. A few days later, my body absorbed it and there was no trace of an eye infection. I had no bump and my eye was perfect. Thank you so much.


Maria Gracia- Bahrain

I found the whole experience of bioenergy very relaxing. It was non-invasive and uncomplicated. The whole atmosphere was very relaxed, even whilst working on other people in the room, I was aware of how relaxed it made me feel. It is a situation I would not hesitate to repeat.

Kate - London

I highly recommend a bioenergy session with Nadia. Her intention is clear and pure, and my experience was powerful. I had chronic pain in the front of my left leg and hip, and when I was in the sessions, I could actually feel the heat and warmth as she was working on me. I also had the experience of some old patterns unraveling and how that energy was working with me in particular. As one who works with the Akashic records and that high energy of spirit, I am particular about any energy workers that I work with. When I met Nadia, I knew she was the right person. It has been over a month since my sessions and I am pain-free. I feel great and I highly recommend this to anyone who is considering it. Thank you, Nadia, for doing the work that you do.

Donna – Nashville, NC

My son 7 yrs of age was complaining of back problems, and I took him to a chiropractor to see what could be done to help with his aches. He took a few sessions but the pain always came back. It took one session (4 visits) by long distance. The pain was gone and has not come back again. I want to thank you for introducing me to this energy.
Elham - Bahrain

I’ll begin by saying I have suffered from ear problems for most of my life. Painful ear infections as a Child, followed by 50 plus years of Tinnitus. While attending a PureBioenergy Training in London in March of 2019 I had the good fortune to have Nadia do the Ears Protocol on me over a consecutive 4 ( four) day period.  Three days after the last therapy I returned home to the States and after an 8 hour flight was back home in Florida. A few hours later it dawned on me, I had not had any pressure in my ears as a result of Ascension or Descending in the aircraft, which is something I experienced every time I flew. Remarkable. I always experienced Ear pain and sometimes my ears would be blocked for hours. In addition over the next several days I began to notice a significant decrease in my tinnitus. After a few weeks I would actually have to listen with purpose to notice any ringing in my ears. Pure Bio Energy had worked where nothing else ever had.

Thank you Nadia!

David Patterson - Florida

I suffered from Graves’ disease. I did one treatment with Nadia and a month later went to see my doctor to do some blood work. The doctor was in shock when he saw my blood test results. He asked me what I had done. I told him I changed my diet and became healthier. He told me that this was not possible and that the numbers could not drop that much just by changing my diet. My numbers had fallen by half and he had to reduce my medication as well. He told me that I should continue doing whatever it was I was doing because it was working.

R.T- Amman

I caught shingles and I was in such pain and had itching under my left breast. I did a treatment with Nadia and the itching stopped. The pain was much more bearable and I could sleep at night and my anxiety had diminished.

Corrine- Washington D.C

It was hard for me to grasp the concept of alternative medicine because I am an engineer by profession and need science to explain how things work. I decided to give it try. I was open to it and welcomed it but did not understand how this energy works. I suffered from an ear infection and usually, I take antibiotics. It was a long weekend and I could not make an appointment to see a doctor. I tried to get a prescription from an old email I had but the pharmacy did not accept it. They gave me a few dr. to call but no one picked up. I had no choice but to accept this was my faith and I went ahead with bioenergy. The first day I was knocked out like a zombie and slept for 12 hours. The next day I had more energy but my ear was hurting and it was all closed up. The second day I slept well and did not wake up in the night as I usually do. I did bioenergy and towards the afternoon my ear began to open up. The third day, I slept well and I was feeling energetic. The fourth day I was traveling and had to do long-distance while I was in the airport trying to catch a plane. Nadia asked me what my level of pain was and I was surprised to hear myself say it was a 3.

The pain had gone and I did not have to take an antibiotic to treat this ear infection. I made my flight and did not have any trouble with my ears. Thank you, Nadia, for this treatment. It is hard to believe when you don’t understand how it works but I must say it was an interesting experience.

Paul Smith-London

I would like to share my amazing experience with this bioenergy. Three months ago, I had sties in both my eyes. After antibiotics and creams for 15 days, they recovered, except for one. I could feel it and see it. I spoke to Nadia and she told me that bioenergy could help, so we embarked on the 4-day treatment. I have always believed in alternative medicine or, as I called it, “more advanced medicine”. I would meditate while I got long-distance treatment. After the fourth day, my ball became bigger and came lower… it started to look bad again. I waited 10 days and started the treatment again. On the 3rd day, the ball popped. It was incredible to believe that it actually happened and people that saw what I was going through laughed until they saw it popped and disappear.

Thank you very much for getting rid of this stubborn sty.

Maria - London

I am a 47 yr old man and I am diabetic. My blood sugar rate is 126 and I have been using medication for the past 5 yrs. I did 4 sessions with Mrs. Nadia. The first 2 sessions, I did not see any changes, but on the 3rd session, my BL reading dropped slightly. On the 4th round, I saw a big drop in my blood sugar rate to 95.4 which led me to stop taking my medication, with the Dr’s approval, and my Blood sugar rate is within normal range. I would highly recommend this natural form of treatment to everyone and to give it a try.
Fadel - Bahrain

I had a stiff and sore neck, and could not move it in any direction. Usually, I would take medication to help me with the pain, but this time I decided to try a natural alternative approach.

From the first session:

My hands and feet became warm;
I could move my neck more comfortably;
I was numb at a certain moment.
After the first session, the pain was remarkably reduced. After the 3rd session, my neck was 100% healed There was no more pain, and I could easily move it without any difficulty. I felt peace during my therapy sessions After completing the 4-day sessions, I did not feel any pain and I had energy for the coming 10-15 days. I gratefully thank you for introducing me to this type of healing and would recommend it to everyone.

Elias - Beirut