Employee health and wellness has been proven to boost productivity and happiness in the workplace. Those employees who have the opportunity to partake in health and wellness programmes provided by the workplace are not only more generally healthy and active than those who don’t, but they also feel a better connection to their workplace and colleagues.

What are the benefits of a corporate health programme?

Healthier employees, decreased absenteeism, increased social support, increased workplace productivity, increased employee satisfaction and retention & increased overall company morale.

1:1 Health coaching sessions

There isn’t a one size fits all solution for health and wellbeing. Everyone is unique and individual. Employees often need someone to explain and assist them with understanding their health information and what the most effective health and lifestyle changes are for them.

Functional medicine testing

Finding the root of the problem isn’t always easy, which is why functional medicine testing is so important. For example, one of your employees may be getting plenty of sleep but still be battling fatigue which can negatively affect their productivity and performance at work. Functional medicine helps to find the scientific cause of the health problem so that we can find an effective cure.

Lunch and learns

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