Health Coaching

With so many resources out there on how we can improve our health, it’s amazing our heads aren’t spinning out of control! There is conflicting information on avoiding sugars, gluten intolerance, and if one should follow a low-fat, vegan, raw, or paleo diet! All this information can leave us all a bit overwhelmed on what steps we should take to better our health.

What is functional medicine health coaching (FMHC)?

FMHC is about understanding and interpreting the dynamics at play. Using a Functional medicine lens to help bring back balance to your body as a result of Dis-ease by addressing the root cause of your problem through diet, lifestyle changes and functional medicine testing.

As a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, I work with my clients to find the root cause of their problems and help solve them through diet and lifestyle changes. I do not put my clients on or off medication, rather, I work alongside their doctors to help solve address their issues and treat their diseases. The work I do is client-centric – I work in parallel to my clients, educating and explaining the interconnectedness of every part and system of the body. This information empowers them to try new things and make necessary changes to transition into a healthier lifestyle that brings joy and vitality back into their lives.

It is very important for clients to understand that, although I am there to guide them throughout their health journey, they are the ones that are doing their own healing. Working hand in hand with my clients, we are able to achieve sustainable results that can completely transform their health.

Your personalized program will radically improve your health and happiness. Together, we will explore your concerns that are specific to your unique body and discover the tools that you need for a lifetime of balance.

As my client, together we will...

Work to understand what is at the root cause of your problem and understand the interconnectedness of your bodily systems with one another.

We may require to do further functional medicine testing to help us get to the root cause and recommend supplementation to bring us back to homeostasis.

Work to understand and reduce your cravings to establish proper blood sugar balance and introduce “Your Plate” as a way to understand how to eat a balanced meal.

Learn to feel good about yourself by discovering ways to prioritize your health and improve your selfcare.

Find ways to reduce your overall stress by implementing a few techniques and being educated on how stress plays a key role in affecting your entire endocrine system-HPATG axis.

Explore your concerns that are specific to your unique body and discover the tools that you need for a lifetime of balance.

Experiment with different foods to see what works and what causes inflammation in your unique body.

Work to maintain and achieve your goals.

Understand how to increase your energy levels and what it entails.

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