New Year, New Start!

Here we are once again, finding ourselves in the same place year after year making New Year’s resolutions, be it quitting smoking, losing weight, or fulfilling worldly ambitions. If we succeed in these goals that we have set we come out triumphant but many of us fail to follow through and soon fall off the wagon, our self-esteem comes under scrutiny and begins to feel that we have failed. That’s when we lose hope that we will ever be able to make those changes that we so desperately want.

new year new start

What I have found helpful to help avoid falling into this trap is to:

  • Write down the goals you want to achieve for 2023.
  • Break down your goals into tiny steps so that they are achievable and realistic.
  • Create SMART goals – be very specific. For example, I want to lose 4 kg in 1 month by running for 30 min 3 times a week and personal training twice a week. Duration 1 month.  
  • Check in with your goals by the end of the week and see how it is going and take this opportunity to make adjustments.  
  • Keep track of your goals by journaling every day – this holds you accountable and mentions what worked and did not work for you on that day so that you can shift things the next day.  
  • Tell a friend or family member what your goal is or write it down on a piece of paper and put it in a place you can always see. This has a positive reinforcement on oneself because it gets you to follow through but make sure to make them short and check in every week or else you will forget about it. Out of sight- out of mind. 
  • If diet is a factor – write down what you are eating. I know from experience it is hard to do but if you do it you will see that by the end of the day, you will see how much you have eaten and drunk. You can use it to assess if you ate too much or too little. You also can assess the quality of the food and snack you consumed. This brings awareness and you will gradually learn to shift things in the right direction. 


Transitioning from year to year can also be an opportunity to pursue emotional, spiritual, and intellectual growth rather than only focusing on new year’s resolutions. We should look at it as well as a way of embracing what we learned from the past and what we need to do to evolve into a better version of ourselves without feeling burdened by regret and disappointment.

Whatever your reality, it is within your power to create that fork that allows you to walk a more conscious, grounded path.

Viewing the start of a new year as a rebirth allows you to focus on what is important for you at this moment and time and how you would like to accomplish it in the coming weeks, months and years.  

Having this new clean slate and understanding of what steps you need to first have in place to set you up for success will help you be free and immerse yourself in the new experiences you so wish to have.

If you feel the need to reconnect yourself spiritually, consider taking up Yoga, meditation, prayer, or other disciplines that challenges both your mental and physical self. Fill your mind with things that stimulate you and add knowledge, wisdom and useful skills.

Clearing or decluttering your home or office opens and improves the flow of energy in your life which helps you stay true to the resolutions that you have made.  

On the other hand, if health is part of your resolution and you would like to prioritize it in 2023, I highly recommend you begin with a comprehensive lab panel designed to motivate and help you focus on the areas you need to address this year.   

Blood tests don’t lie. They unravel a story when interpreted properly. You may be doing everything you can to be healthy and feel well, but if you don’t have all the information, you can’t truly optimize your well-being. We don’t look at each marker separately. We must look at all of the markers together along with symptoms you may be experiencing to truly understand how they are interacting with one another or else you will miss out on a lot of clues they are providing. 

I am offering a 50 % discount on the interpretation of your blood tests. Please do not hesitate to take advantage of this offer- it is only available until the 21st of January. This will help kick start your health journey properly and understand exactly what you need to focus on to make the necessary diet and lifestyle changes to become a healthier version of yourself this year. These biomarkers provide vital information about your body that may be affecting your energy, libido, metabolism, cardiovascular and digestion. 

My popular New Year cleanse begins on the 23rd of January and this time I have changed it to last only 2 weeks. I will use the last week to help integrate foods back into your body and allow for Q&A to help you through the process. This will help reinforce good behavior and makes continued optimal living easier.   

Come and commit to my January cleanse to enhance your health and energy and who knows, it could just transform how you experience 2023. 

If you’re interested or need more info about the cleanse, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

What are you waiting for? 

Small Changes For A Healthier “U”