The Importance of Drinking Natural Water

Most people don’t drink enough water and as a result, experience “thirst pain” such as headaches, muscle aches, back pain, heartburn, colitis, constipation and even heart pain.

A few pointers in regard to this matter:

  • Water carries oxygen and nutrition throughout the body and also helps rid the body of waste.
  • When craving food, drink water and wait 30 min. That should do the trick. Usually it’s the body telling you that it is dehydrated or else it means you are really hungry. Then you should have a healthy balanced meal.
  • If you have cravings in between meals, then it means that the type of food and quality you are eating is bad .i.e simple carbs and sugar are found in processed food and you need to eat healthier.
  • Try to substitute your boxed juices with water. Drink 8oz of fresh juice because it is still loaded with natural sugar eat the fiber of the fruit with the juice therefore reducing the sugar content.
  • If you find water bland, you can infuse flavor to your water by adding a slice of lemon, cucumber, mint, strawberry or fruits,
  • Try to reduce your coffee/tea intake to 1or 2 small cups a day.
  • Replace the rest with water. Coffee and tea can cause dehydration.
  • You can drink as much herbal tea as you like during the day without sugar. Raw honey is an alternative to sugar.

Coffee stimulates your cortisol, which is a “stress hormone”, and our aim is to reduce the amount of stress in our daily lives.

Most important, get into the habit of carrying little 500ml water bottles with you in the car or in your bag. Try to finish it before you reach your destination and pick up another one on the way out. Drink as many as you can.

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