A holistic approach for 2019

It’s that time of the year again when we see the golden opportunity to improve our quality of life by changing an undesired trait or behavior that we see in ourselves. With the very best of intentions, we write down a long list of New Year’s resolutions. If strictly followed, we are convinced it will allow us to blossom into the best version of ourselves. Yet what we are truly missing is being able to see how we can adopt smaller steps to become healthier and happier and move in the right direction to accomplish our goals. All around the world, losing weight features prominently on lists of resolutions. You will begin to get bombarded with emails offering you ways to lose weight. And while weight loss may improve your health it is not the only thing we should depend on as a marker for happiness.

After all, we can be thin yet miserable if key parts of our lives are not addressed such as our own selfcare. I am referring to the stress component of our lives. I have spoken about this many times- we need to allocate enough time for spirituality, exercise, sleep, diet and relationships whether at home or at work. If any of these are tipped out of balance, they can cause a cascade of events that affect our health. You have heard me mention this several times, diets don’t work – that’s the bottom line. The only way to make changes that will stick for years to come, and also prevent issues from occurring in the future, is to focus on the consistency of a healthy lifestyle.
Holistic approach

Once you begin to feed your body what it truly needs and work on what has been holding it back from attaining good health, you’ll be surprised at how the pounds come off.
Perhaps a better resolution is to strive to find a happier and healthier you, and to uncover as much joy as possible in the world around you in 2019. We can begin by learning how to eat properly. Learn how to stay away from nasty chemicals that are found in many of our skin and hair care products. Try to avoid the additives that are added to our food. These things suffocate our mitochondria and harm our microbiome.

So what’s your most pressing health concerns? What aspects of your life would you like to tweak in the year ahead?

Let’s begin 2019 with a focus on making you and your family as healthy as possible. I have listed below a small plan that you can follow. If implemented and incorporated, these small steps over time will bring big benefits and are more likely to succeed than a drastic change in the way you thought you would embark on your New Year resolutions. Keep your promises within the realms of possibility and your New Year wishes are more likely to come true.

Here's a simple plan to follow:

1. Cut out the chemicals, preservatives and GMOs

2. Eat lots of colorful vegetables and fiber

3. Eat fermented foods daily

4. Exercise and get out into nature every week

5. Reduce your caffeine intake to 1 serving a day

6. Reduce your alcohol intake to 2 glasses a week

7. Sleep a min. of 7 hours a day

8. Eat your last meal 3 hours before bed

Whatever you decide, I wish all of you a year of good health.

Small changes for a Healthier “U”