Do you suffer from constipation? Understanding what causes it and what changes in our diet and lifestyle can help improve it.

Everybody reacts differently to food and this is where the term Bio-individuality comes in “what is one man’s food is another man’s poison”

Constipation is affected by primary and secondary foods as mentioned in my previous blogs. The former being: Lack of exercise, stress from work and relationships, lack of spirituality and Food: dairy, animal protein, processed food, lack of veg. and fruit intake that provide us with fiber, nutrients and enzymes being the lateral.

Lack of good Gut flora i.e. the good bacteria that reside in our gut and help us digest our food and fight pathogens among other things.

If one listens or tunes into their body, they will be able to understand and know what feels good and what does not. If we eliminate some of these types of foods mentioned above for a while and re-introduce them slowly. One can be able to understand what types of foods cause you to have allergies, sensitivities or discomfort and you can take your health into your own hands and solve your problem.

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