Pharmaceutical Intervention Vs Diet and Lifestyle Changes​

Hello everyone. Just got back from Vienna – what an absolutely beautiful place. It’s an open-air museum, the architecture is very grand. It is a very friendly and a safe city, great for kids too. Lots too do: from shopping to visiting museums and touring the city. I ate at some amazing restaurants and watched beautiful operas and concerts. For those who have not been, I highly recommend it.

To our luck, the hotel we were staying in Vienna was hosting a huge medical conference talking about blood cancer “leukemia” and the treatments, procedures and cares that need to be taken. Our lobby was bustling with people and it was interesting to watch the different types of people attending the conference.

After spending 5 amazing nights in Vienna, and as we were on the plane heading back to Bahrain, I recognized two of the people that were on the plane from the hotel. They were in a heavy conversation about the medical conference. I excused myself for interrupting them and asked them about the conference, interested to see what they had discussed since I was in the health business. There were two doctors, a woman and a man, both from Egypt. The man was tall and obese – he did not look healthy at all. The woman was short and slightly heavy. Their skin complexions were not great and they did not look like healthy, vibrant, energetic people.

I asked them a question: “During the conference did any of the lecturer’s discuss any means of diet and lifestyle changes recommended to their patients, during and after treatment?
The man looked at me and said: Nobody discussed that. The lady answered me and said: “They are already diseased and sick and we only need to treat the cancer, why should we change their diet and lifestyle?” So I asked them another question: “Was this conference pharmaceutically oriented? i.e what type of medication to describe and offer?” they answered: “yes”

My conclusion to this was very disappointing. Many doctors are not aware of the importance of diet and lifestyle changes. The world is getting sicker because of what we are eating and not many people realize this. It is the quality of the food that we consuming from processed, fried and fast food, containing lots of hidden sugars and desert.

If you are aware of these things and begin to implement healthier choices, you can seriously avoid many diseases that are so evident in the world today.
Medicine is very important don’t get me wrong, But it masks the symptoms and does not deal with the problem. Diet and lifestyle changes do.

Don’t you think it is time to take your health into your own hands?

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