Why Is Table Salt Bad for You?​

90% of all salt produced is used for industrial applications: making of soap, detergents, plastic, agricultural chemicals etc…. only a small percentage goes for human consumption. The industries require pure sodium chloride NACL. However, salt in nature ie. Sea salt or natural crystal salt contain all the minerals and trace elements which the human body is made of.

Because the industry requires pure NACL, all other elements and minerals get removed and we end up consuming it as “table salt” and of course all our processed foods contain plenty of it.

When pure NACL enters our bodies it upsets our homeostasis because our bodies are used to receiving NACL in combination with all the rest of the minerals and elements.

When NACL enters our bodies, it draws water to itself and causes water retention with many consequences, such as High blood pressure, tissue oedema and poor circulation. As the body tries to deal with the excess of NACL, various harmful acids, gall bladder and kidney stones are formed.

Natural salt is just as important to our bodies as water is but we need to consume it in its natural form: as a crystal salt (i.e Himalayan crystal salt) or as a whole unprocessed sea salt (i.e Celtic salt) so lets make the switch to a healthier salt.

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