Are You Fed up of Being Bloated All the Time?

There is nothing worse than that uncomfortable feeling of being bloated. You wake up in the morning and your bloated. You eat late at night and your bloated. On your way out of the house you grab a handful of nuts then you realize your stomach is bloated. So you figure, “maybe I’ll skip a meal so I don’t bloat” – and you still are bloated. Eventually you give up because you don’t seem to understand how to pin point what it is that you are doing wrong and you just decide to live with it.

I am here to tell you that you should not have these feelings and there is a solution to this.

When you bloat this is one of the signs that your body is sending and telling us that something is wrong and that we need to pay attention. Because we live in such a busy world and we have no time to think and listen to our bodies we end up dismissing the signs. Our body gets weaker, sicker, fatter and unhealthier over time. If this is not addressed and persists over a long period of time we will become sick and diseased.

Things that might trigger bloating are:

1. Gluten and Dairy

Eliminate gluten and dairy for two weeks and you will likely experience a significant improvement in bloating and digestive distress. At the end of two weeks you can re introduce them but one at a time wait for two days between each introduction and see your bodies reaction to them. Your body will tell you!

2. Constipation
Constipation is a definite recipe for uncomfortable bloating. This is due to the type of diet that we are consuming. One should drink lots of water, not juice or coffee. Eat lots of vegetables and fruit that contain fiber and be sure to exercise, as movement will help. If that doesn’t do the trick, add a teaspoon of “Calm Magnesium” to warm water at night.

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3. A Dysbiosis in your Microbiome

An imbalance in your gut bacteria means there are too many bad bacteria and not enough good ones. This could be the result of consuming too much sugar and processed food and alcohol and not enough good healthy food. What you need to do is go on a gentle Cleanse. Introduce some good probiotics to help shift the balance of the good vs. bad bacteria in your gut and take some anti-microbial and anti-parasitic formula to kill off the bad bacteria.

4. Eating too fast
Digestion starts in the mouth, not in the stomach! We need to remember to chew our food very well instead of gulping it down. There are certain enzymes that are only found in the mouth that are not found in the stomach, and by gulping it down it forces the stomach to really work harder to digest the food. Laying your fork down between bites and breathing. Slowing it down and pre-digesting our food will help our digestion system immensely.

5. Eating Late at Night
Eating too much and eating late at night is a burden on your digestion. Ideally, try to keep a 12hour window between dinner the night before and breakfast the next day 8pm to 8am. If I eat a late dinner, I make sure it’s a light dinner. For breakfast I have a green smoothie, which is easily absorbed and digested

6. Stress
Stress is another major factor in causing bloating. So try to reduce your stress by adopting some breathing techniques. Exercise is a great relieve for stress.

7. Carbonated beverages and chewing gum both add excess air to our body which can get trapped and make you feel gassy.

Tip: Remember our Grandmother’s wisdom? Drink Fennel tea with out sugar. It is a great remedy to reduce bloating.