How Pure-bioenergy differs from Reiki and other energy healing ?

This was an article published by my teachers at Pure-bionergy about the difference between Pure-bioenergy and Reiki.

1. Simple Structure to Always Follow – no guesswork

It has a specific self contained structure and trusted protocols that take the “guess work ” out of the what needs to be done for a specific health condition or addressing wellness or peak performance.

This simple structure instills in its practitioners a confidence that promotes a consistency of results and eliminates doubt or hesitation ( which are the biggest barriers for the flow of bioenergy). No guesswork of when is enough or what to do next thus freeing the therapist from doubt and questioning. Doubt limits all healing.

2. No Searching for the Problem.

Whether it is diabetes, autism, back pain from too much golf, an out of balance chakra or a past life entity it is all the same for the Purebioenegy therapists. We do not analyze the WHY or HOW of the problem. We do the specific protocol and then step away without being anxious about or attached to the result. The energy knows what to do.

3. No Special Protection Needed.

As a PureBioenergy therapist you will not visualize or scan for illness or blockages. This lowers your (the practitioner’s) energetic potential below the clients thus the energy flows from them to you and this is the main reason reiki practitioners and other energy healers can feel tired after giving a treatment or sometimes even get sick.

PureBioenergy practitioners are more energetic and feel better themselves after working even blissful. So Purebioenergy has built in practitioner protection and healing within its practice. Help yourself by healing others.

No pills, no needles, no manipulation of bones, no symbols, no special breathing, no attunements or reconnectioning, no religious, or political dogmas, no cultural conditioning, no visualizations, no side effects, no DOUBTS…just pure and simple HEALING.