Is Exercise Hurting You Or Benefitting You?

When the New year kicks in, gym memberships are known to soar. People decide to take their health seriously and begin working out everyday and pushing themselves like as thought they are super athletes, not realizing that they may be benefiting in the short run, but hurting themselves in the long run.

Life has become very stressful. People work hard, shuffling two jobs sometimes, then to come home and take care of their own family and their personal needs. They think that by working out hard they are doing themselves good but actually are adding more stress onto their bodies. This is called internal stress. They are unaware off it because they can’t see it amongst all the other things that might be going on inside their bodies like: Food sensitivities, inflammation, gut dysbiosis and a diet that consists of a lot of processed foods, refined carbs and sugar. This effects their adrenal health which is responsible for keeping the balance between hormone production and cortisol” the stress hormone”

On the flip side, when exercise is done properly, then it does wonders for the body and mind. So here are a few ideas to approach exercise differently this year.

Slow it down
If your body is telling you that it’s feeling exhausted and tired, or if you are suffering from brain fog and can’t concentrate very well, then don’t push yourself. Your body needs time to recover and remember over-exercising increases your body’s production of its primary energy hormone, cortisol, “the stress hormone” which in turn boosts inflammation and increases your chances for injury.

Work out smarter-not harder
Instead of working out for an hour and exhausting yourself, invest in some High intensity interval training “HIIT” exercises. There are many versions of this. It takes 20 min tops. You can workout your entire body or focus on specific areas. The idea is that you work out hard for 1 min and then bring it down for another min and you keep doing this until you reach your 20 minute target. For more information you can search on google or YouTube.

Invest in a personal trainer
If you are a beginner, it is very important to invest in a personal trainer to get the proper posture or else you may be more prone to injury.

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Allow your body to recover well.
If you are the type of a person who likes to works out every day, it is very important to allow your body to recover really well. Make sure to always exercise different muscle groups. If you find yourself catching a cold or are exhausted after a workout, then take it easy and workout every other day in order to allow your body to recuperate.

Squeeze in some time for Yoga or deep breathing exercises
These are very beneficial exercises because they calm you down and help elongate your muscles. I Recommend that you include them in your regimen once or twice a week.

Finally, as always, I can’t stress the importance of eating clean and healthy. The impact it has on your entire body and mind. Eat more fiber, drink lots of water, reduce your caffeine and alcohol intake. As you know by now that your gut is the root to all diseases. Eat clean, exercise and breath deeply and you are on your way to kick starting the New year on the right foot.

Small Changes for a Healthier “U”

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