Keys to a Successful New Year

1. Recognize what you already do for self-care

Are you happy with this? or do you feel you need to add more/less. It could be anything from exercising, reading a book, painting, singing, quiet time, being more spiritual/ socializing. No matter what it is, don’t judge yourself and compare yourself to others. This is for you. Be gentle and love yourself even more. Allow yourself to grow to an even better version of yourself.

2. Write down your vision

Write down what you would love to be doing this year and accomplishing. How would that make you feel? Close your eyes and envision it and feel it in your body. Does it bring a smile to your face! Now envision not doing the things that you want to change and how does that feel? Whatever the feeling begins to break it down slowly into manageable steps and begin one baby step at a time and you will see the change begin.

3. This is where a SMART goal comes in handy

to help you make the change. It stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound.

4. Be consistent

even if you feel that you can’t do it that day push yourself and don’t give up. Consistency is the key to success. It will create a good and healthy habit which will create discipline.

5. Begin a gratitude journal

every morning right down 5-10 things you are very grateful to have. If you follow this little exercise after a week when you look back you will see how something shifts inside you and your outlook on life will change.

6. Rewrite your limiting beliefs

There is no such thing as I can’t. When you declutter, what is holding you back and vision what you need to do to move forward, implement the SMART goals and begin to break things down into tiny tiny steps- replace the negative with positive thoughts- you will begin to see that you can accomplish anything you set your heart to.

7. Celebrate the wins

No matter how small they are. They are extremely important to boost your confidence and moral. You have worked hard to accomplish what you just did so own that and be proud of yourself. Remember its not to indulge in your bad habits once again but rather find something that brings more joy to you.

8. Always stay positive and surround yourself with positive like-minded friends or acquaintances

Write down 3 negative remarks that you hear yourself repeat in your head and then flip it around to something positive. Example: I am not good enough, I am a failure and I am overweight, to “I have many good attributes, I have succeeded before and it takes me time, I am listening and learning things about my body and beginning to put a plan in order to make the necessary changes to lose weight.
If you implement only one of these tips and you sit down with yourself and create a vision for the New Year with new eyes, through the lens of self-care, and rewrite anything that holds you back from RADICAL joy and self-love then you would have begun the transformation of your health to a better place. We are at the beginning of the year and we have 365 days less than the days that have just passed to embark on this journey that will improve and move your health forward.

I’d love for you to share your new goals with me.

Always looking out for your health and wellbeing,

Small changes for a healthier” U”

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